It is an age-old convention for organizations and institutions like schools and colleges to have their own specific motto which distinguishes them from one another. The motto of a school not only makes transparent the institution’s self-identity but also delineates its spirituality and the noble causes it espouses. This motto is invariably inscribed within the emblem of the school which has its distinctive thrust and significance that students are expected to imbibe.

This School has its own motto inscribed on the top and bottom of the emblem. The two Latin expressions, Quis ut Deus and Fortes in Fide. respectively mean “who is like God” and “strength in faith”.

What do the words “Who is like God” mean ? Is it possible for us to be like God ? The human race is bestowed with immeasurable gifts and graces. God is always on our side. And if God is with us, who can be against us ? Created in the image and likeness of God, the human person is constantly invited to become like God. In other words, we are called, not to be Gods but like God. The Supreme Being has called us to perfection. God who is all powerful, everlasting and of all ages, stooped himself down to the level of humankind in order to become one among us, so that we may be raised to the level of God, and thus become like God.

What is to be strong in Faith The greatest gift that God has ever bestowed on our human family is the sublime gift of “Faith”. Without faith we can never dream of becoming like God. We are invited to deepen our conviction of God’s goodness to each of us, and to have faith in noble human values, faith in our sisters and brothers, and faith in ourselves. We draw our strength from the unshakable trust in God.

The emblem of the School enshrines the following symbols, namely, the shield, the cross, the balance and the sword.

The SHIELD stands for victory. The CROSS stands for sacrifice. The BALANCE stands for justice. The SWORD stands for strength.


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