Our Infrastructure

School Facilities

  1. Laboratories

    For accessing and strengthening theoretical knowledge to experience the pleasure of finding and development of their psycho-motor aptitudes, our well equipped Biology Lab teaches students how the factual knowledge is used in daily life.

    1. Chemistry Lab

      To cultivate the ability to measure and report uncertain quantities with appropriate precision, we have our chemistry lab is equipped with learning-kits and best quality apparatus for conducting experiments. The students are given extensive practical experience to supplement theories learnt in the classroom and security checks have been implemented to avoid any mishappening in the lab.

    2. Physics Lab

      To consume the understanding of the basic knowledge in physics and art of experimentation, the school has a well equipped, healthy furnished, scientifically designed physics lab with the most modern amenities. The apparatus are fully functional and the target is to achieve intellectual discoveries or develop experimental techniques on their own.

    3. Computer Labs

      The computer Lab is one of the most modern labs with all new accessories. The lab has installed I3 computers with L.C.D monitors. Every student of a particular class get a chance to use the computers and work station in the lab, accessed with the latest software which can be used by the students as per their need and as per the prescribed curricula they can have a hands- on experience.

    4. Smart Classrooms

      Twenty first century classroom must be exciting one that can deliver powerful learning. Digital classrooms provide children digitally rich experience which help the children learn even difficult concepts effortlessly and retain them permanently. This is not an alternative to teacher but complimentary and makes teacher more effective and better equipped. Of course the black boards and chalk pieces are substituted with smart boards and stylus. Considering the effectiveness of digital boards by the teachers, it will enable them to teach students in a more modern way and in this way help students to grasp the finger points in a more methodic manner.

  2. Library

    The school library has one of the best and enriched collection which is basically an admixture bag of course books. Infotainment and Entertainment and knowledge panorama, which gives a wide variety spectrum which will always enhance and broaden the mindset of a child and these books will also help to compete with the outside world in a better way. The library in a more sensible meaning is a pillar to any institution and guiding force which gives wheels and rolls to the whole education system and the school in a more particular way.

  3. Play Ground

    We at St. Michael’s give a lot of importance to sports, games, athletics, physical fitness and training. Therefore we provide ample opportunities and facilities to students to improve themselves in the field of physical activities. We have all the required facilities for playing Foot Ball, Cricket, Volley Ball, Badminton, Kabbadi, Judo and Table Tennis. We have also the experts to impart training in the athletic events in our sprawling play ground.


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