The Army of St. Michael is moulded and pruned to shape the future…

It is with a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in the field of education that St. Michael’s school was established and is marching towards the vision of universal fraternity and harmony.

The school has its doors open to all, transcending all barriers with the sole emphasis on the enlightenment and advancement of the “humanity” in everyone it encounters.

We care for the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, physical, and cultural development of our children towards the building up of an inclusive society.

We care for the nation building with a focus on the character formation of each individual student through discipline and hard work.

We care for the family building with an emphasis on Indian socio-religious-cultural values without overlooking the role of universal values in a globalized world.

We care for the individual’s welfare by creating a conducive atmosphere for a holistic learning process. We aim at enabling the students to face challenges of a fast changing society. We seek to build a solid foundation for students to excel in every field of life so that their future is secured.

We believe in forming enlightened minds who can re-think, re-design and re -build a better world. Therefore we love, guide and walk beside every child. This is what makes St. Michael’s School a temple of learning.


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