1. The school provides normal medical facility and one should take prior permission from the Principal to make use of this facility.
  2. The school dispensary does not function for the regular treatment of a patient. It is meant solely for the immediate medical assistance on occasions of necessity.


  1. The reception counter is one of the important places of any institution. So it is not a place for casual talks. It is a place where one is expected to show his/her dignity and manners.
  2. No one should be seen roaming around the counter and its premises. The instructions of the receptionist should be followed.


  1. The school phone is meant mainly for the affairs of the school office and one can make phone calls during school hours only in case of an emergency.
  2. Neither the students nor the staff will be called out from the class to attend calls except in cases of emergency.
  3. During school hours, no parent, whatsoever be the reason, can contact teachers on the phone.


  1. The school canteen is at the service of the students during the recess time. It is a place neither for whiling away time nor for gossip.
  2. Students are not permitted to go to the canteen during the class hours, games period or physical education period.
  3. No one should be seen crowding together or shouting outside the canteen. It is a place for refreshments only.
  4. Paper bags or any waste materials should not be thrown around the canteen area but should be deposited in the dustbins meant for that purpose.
  5. Every chance to develop a sense of cleanliness and order in life should be made use of.


  1. The Priest’s residence is a private area and also a residence within the school campus. It is not a place meant for the public to get in and move around.
  2. No one should be seen loitering around the premises of the priests’ residence and the passers-by should maintain perfect silence there.


The garden is the crown of the school building. Flowers give a warm welcome and joyful thoughts to everyone. They refresh our hearts and minds.

Don’t be selfish and cruel when you look at a flower, rather appreciate the creator and enjoy the beauty of it in its fullness. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the garden and lawn well maintained. Walking or playing on the lawn is strictly prohibited.


Ragistration form Class LKG(Pre-School 2024-25)