Principal's Message

Education should awaken the true potential of students to blossom creativity for sustainable growth of society. It can remove the darkness due to ignorance and help to build a complete man who can face different challenges well and lead the society in a proper manner.

Students are born in school and nurtured by teachers who put in their combined efforts that strengthen their foundation to grow and succeed. Being a student is not a matter of age but the mindset which causes from the desire for knowledge. St. Michael Senior Secondary School try to instill the want for knowledge that can enlighten their lives. In this competitive era of self-development and achievement, we believe in improving and appreciating every student. But this also requires an effort from students to focus on their ambitions and cultivate the tendency of learning good habits and fair judgemental skills, the school is striving hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combining with academics and extra-curricular activities in the children. Converting every individual into a self-reliant and independent citizen.

I feel proud to express that the school is performing extremely well in all the aspects to ensure academic and human excellence with the blessings of our Patron St. Michael. I pray to Almighty God that our journey towards excellence continues……

Sister Liji Peter



Ragistration form Class LKG(Pre-School 2024-25)